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So I Decided…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the CB2000 style “CB’s” are not escape proof.  I have been researching full belts to put “h” into.  There are lots of bad press on My-Steel and Neosteel seems to not be scoring high marks lately.  I found a new belt that came to market late last year, Fancy Steel.  After many conversations with the owner I feel W/we have a reputable company who will deliver a quality product at a fair price.  Based in Australia, Fancy Steel seems to be focused on the customer, and customer satisfaction.  W/we ordered “h” his new full belt two days ago.  Hope to see it within a month, so stay tuned!  In the meantime he is back in his silicon cage for now…without lube it is escape proof!


Ok So I Tried Once Again

“h”is thick skinned.  Today I decided it was time to discipline him for his last Houdini escape from his CB.  I gaged him and placed him in the IMG_3727deprivation hood:

I laid him over our leather ottoman and locked his wrist cuffs to the legs and locked his leather cuffed ankles together, then I bound them to the other end of  the ottoman.  I lashed his waist in the middle about the ottoman so he could not wiggle.  Then over the next hour I used two of My favorite canes on his butt and this was the result;


Still not what I was hoping for “butt” he is made of cow hide!  My wrist became tired so I decided to rest and call it a day.  I must say though the last 20 minutes he laid very still, I even asked him if he was awake!  He evidentially entered the “zone” and he was floating on his endorphin high.  I barely got a “thumbs up” when I asked him if he wanted more.  I caned him very hard yet no blood.  I love “h”, he did good today, W/we will try again another day!


My Loving Letter to “h”

My loving sub I adore you and want the best for you.  O/our relationship is built on mutual respect for each other.  you and I have agreed that My role is to be the leader in the home, you will always be the man of the house with regard to the family but between you and I, W/we agree I am in charge of you; what you do, how you act and every other facet of you.  W/we have agreed that I make decisions regarding the two of U/us and you will obey Me and My authority is absolute.  W/we have agreed that your disobedience comes with a price you will pay, I am; jury, judge and the executioner of your punishment.

In that regard I have been remise of My duties to follow through and punish you properly, that is solely My fault and why you continue to falter.  So here is My plan, for My benefit, so that the Wife in Me does not succumb to your complaints during punishment.

Next time you will be in the crossties in O/our leather cuffs standing spread eagle in O/our barn…

Crosstie 1 Crosstie 2

you will be gagged…vf891acloseup__77778_1409591587_1280_1280

And then a sensory $_3deprivation hood over your head…

I will put in My MP3 earplugs and listen to music with noise cancelling headphones on as well…


This way I can’t look into your eyes and see your pain, and I can’t listen to your cries and hear your pain.  I will do what W/we agreed on when W/we entered into this journey.  I will get the results I need to correct your behavior…I will get this…


And I always Love you

“h” Stands For Houdini

In My last blog entry I was talking about the pros and cons of the CB2000 style CB’s and “h”s ability to escape several of these style devices that I have placed on his boi-toy over time and the resulting ramifications.

I have come to observe over time that “h” has, what I would term, “seasons” for lack of a better explanation.  Seasons being that during the Spring and Fall he enters a period where his sex drive is in hyperdrive and it’s during these periods when he gets in trouble the most, the rest of the year he is pretty docile and generally obedient.  Of course My response to his overtures for sexual release is to further ignore him and his whining and cries for release and sex.  This of course sends him over the edge and are the times when he plays Houdini in escaping his CB.  It’s also the times he receives his most frequent punishments for his transgressions against Me and My authority.  I have read many blogs and web sites about how some people term their submissive or slave as needing “training”.  I look at this notion differently. “h” is My husband and the love of My life first and foremost.  I cherish him and am protective of him always, just like a parent is of their child.  This is how I manage O/our relationship by correcting him when he is disobedient.  “h” is an adult, and in the general sense he knows the difference between right and wrong.  As well when I give him direction, My expectations of him are clear as how he is expected to respond.  If he decides not to follow My instructions he knows there will be consequences in the form of discipline punishment which I use to correct his behavior.  Simply it’s cause and effect.  I tell him what is expected and if he decides his response will be contrary to My orders he understands there will be consequences for his actions.

What I have found as My dilemma is the degree of discipline I end up administering to him versus what I planned to administer to him.  When “h” fails to obey Me I have to make a mental shift from being his Wife/Mistress to being his Disciplinarian/Mistress.  The discipline generally, but not always, will be administered within 24 hours and I don’t always tell him when it is coming, that is up to Me.  I have never had an issue switching into My disciplinarian role, it’s an easy transition for Me.  The problem is I go in with My expectation of the results of his punishment looking like this;

img12    FLRonthebench

and what I usual end up with is this;


Pretty pathetic results and it’s My fault.  The reason is every time that he is bound and I begin to whip or cane him, he cries out, even gaged I can hear him and Mistress/Wife battles the Mistress/Disciplinarian and Wife usually succumbs at some point.  The result is I failed to discipline him sufficiently and he gets off easy while this cycle repeats itself as he gets away with a punishment that did not fit the crime so he’s inclined to do this again the next time.

More in My next post of what I feel is a solution.

W/we Are Still Alive!

I cannot believe it has been several years since I posted on here, WOW!  Like John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” and that has been O/our case here.  W/we moved from the north to the south a few years ago and this has caused an interruption in so many things, one of them that O/our D/s life had to slip down the list temporarily while W/we recovered form a huge upheaval in O/our world by moving.  Not that “h” was off the hook, or that W/we did not continue the journey, until now it’s just been at a much slower pace and he has remained locked all this time for sure.  But things are looking up and O/our new house, with all it’s issues and adjustments, plus a new way of life, has now become a home filled with love and many locks, padlocks that is for “h”!

I have kept “h” locked through out and along the way I have played with several other devices since his Steelworks from 2011.  I keep him locked mostly in the new silicon devices available.  It’s easier on him because it is flexible and moves with his body.  Also what I have come to determine that any of these devices, ala CB-2000 and the likes, are not escape proof given enough effort he can escape, and has on a couple occasions, which will be a topic for another post.  However, with these rigid devices, hard plastic or metal, they are very smooth and provide little friction between his penis and the tube, so given a little lubricant he can, and again he has, pulled his penis out from behind the ring against his body.  I thought the Steelworks with the urethral tube going into him, would preclude that from happening, but I was wrong, even that he could escape.  I have experimented with the silicon ones out there and  here is his,


What works best with this device is putting him in the smallest ring and use no lube to slide his little cock into the tube.  The friction is so great between him and the tube it is very difficult, nearly impossible, for him to escape, and if he does he will not be able to reinsert himself very easily. The only sure fire way to keep him in this type of a device however is having him get a PA and locking his head to the front of the tube.  I’m not to that point yet, because this process seems to working so far after several months but I plan to monitor him for the time and if there is still an escape issue then My next decision would have to be a PA or a Neosteel full belt, but as I mentioned, trying to insure the fit of a full stainless steel belt is correct is a huge concern of Mine give the logistics of live in the US and Neosteel being in Germany.  The PA is the easier fix for Me..hehe!!!

It’s Here!

My “h” new Steelworks CB arrived and it is a work of art!  His cock is so cute in its new home!

The urethral tube is a wonderful addition, going all the way to the base of the ring around his balls…

There he is all safe and secure.  W/we done some electro play with him locked up.  W/we own an PES elctro-stim unit.  I took the urethral insert (the slim piece in the center shown below)

And slide it down his urethral tube to his prostate.  The other electro lead I attached to one of the screws at the head of his CB…then I had an evening of fun.  Normally I can make him cum this way with the PES unit.  However having him in the CB and stimed in this manner provided for him only a ruined orgasm.  he came but no ejaculation.  I had so much fun W/we have done this several more times since!

Stay tuned!


Steelwerxx CB Flops!

Everything happens for a purpose.  We ordered a Steelwerxx Looker 2 for “h” several days ago.  The web site states they will confirm your order in 24 hours.  That was 4 days ago and still nothing.  “h” tried to write them twice and still no resonse…frustrating.

We have been looking for a long time at Steelworks in Montreal.  VERY pricey but they are the Maseradi of CB’s and we have been eyeing the CC069A

“h” put a call into Steelworks in Monreal and spoke at lenght to the owner Chris.  By the end of the conversation the two of them had “h” new CB designed and ordered!  Wow nice to have a person to speak to.  This CB is pricey but worth it, it’s the real deal and is escape proof.  Chris had lots of great ideas and pointed out design flaws in the Steelwerxx Looker 2, especially the ball welded on the end of the tube and the fact the tube extends into the body past the ring leaving the tube able to puncture the urethra, not good.

Chris said 4 weeks, can’t wait~!


Ok so a little more about U/us

We have been married 6 years, dated three years before.  I had never had any experience in the D/s life, for that matter I had no idea what it was, being 8 years the younger to my “h”.  “h” introduced me over time to the D/s world being quite worldly in a prior relationship.  I have read my fair share on the topic and it be told you either have it you don’t.  I was a fish taking to water in this new world that was blooming before me and I loved it.  Last year I had him tattooed with his SLRN number and barcode on his hip and above it “Property of MistressK”  He is sooo hot with his tat.

We started “h” journey in chastity with the CB2000.  For long term wear it was not, it pinched, broke, and on and on.  Anyone who has been in this arena knows what I am talking about. Neosteel was really something we wanted but logistically it’s seem quite difficult to make something so custom from Germany and hope it was correct for $1500.  We have not ruled it out but we still think  there are other options because really is a Neosteel wearable 24/7?

Then came the CB3000…Yea!  We shot over to the local shop in Cleveland who had one in stock and it was a fantastic improvement over the 2000.  The CB3000 has been our on again-off again chastity device since.  Again more issues and it’s not escape proof either.  Was not going to work.

“h” has pursude the idea of long term chastity but the equipment was the lacking component.  I wanted his cock locked up by me and eascape proof but it would not work if there was always issues with the device.  So we have looked high and low and done mounds or research and believe we have found  the solution, the Looker 2 from Steelwerxx. 

So it’s ordered and we await it’s arrival.  In the meantime we have been negotiating the contract for his one-year internment in chastity.  I know what you are thinking a year?  No frertting he will get out every 3-5 days to be cleaned and shaved, he will be milked no less than once every two weeks to keep his pipes clean.  As for his orgasms, sure he’ll get a couple when I want and how I want.  When we have the contract complete I may post it. Stay tuned…

Hello world!

W/we are a married D/s couple in the US, Domme Female and sub male who lives a chastity life style with him being locked 24/7.  W/we also are a Female Lead Relationship (FLR) where “h” is My husband, the love of My life who I cherish, but “h” is also My submissive 24/7 and is obedient to Me and My rules which he has agreed to live by.  Violation of the rules comes with consequences.  W/we are also Christians and have a strong faith, so as such W/we believe in the sanctity of marriage and marital fidelity.  W/we have never swapped and do not indulge in cuckolding and think that is in direct contradiction to the Christian faith.

W/we have dabbled in lots of things related to chastity besides D/s.  W/we are now changing him from a CB3000 to the Steelwerxx Looker 2, can’t wait for it to arrive!

Well this is our first post…we are new to this “blogging” thing so be patient with us.  But if you have any questions let U/us know and W/we will be happy to share our experiences.

Ms. K