Schandmaske is here!

“h”‘s new Steelwerksextreme Shandmaske arrived today, he looks oh so very lovely in it.  Took a bit to figure out the pieces but he is locked nicely away and I have both of the proprietary keys (see key pic below) 20161202_113544_resizedthat came with the device.  Once he was locked away I gave him 2 different vibrators and made him try to get himself off, and guess what, to My surprise , he is unable to cum!  Chris is a genius, I now have My hubby’s jewels nicely locked away, was worth the weight and the price!  Getting him pierced was the best decision I ever made.




It’s Fall

“h” and Fall are synonymous with S& m, he’s a freak.  So he built a cross to have himself crucified upon…not literally, well yea, but without nails, just leather cuffs and locked in his Fancy Steel CB.   So here is his latest creation!  He really wanted to set it up in one of our pastures but that might raise a few eyebrows.  W/we a tad tight on time but I really wanted to cane his thighs and use My single tail on him, but that will have to be another time….Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll, will be back soon.



Update on the Steelwerksextreme CB

So “h” paid for the new CB I want him locked in, and during the course of the conversation he mentions to Chris, the owner, “h” PA is a 10 gage.  To which Chris responded, “you better start stretching because you will need to be a 6 gage for this device! Opps.

“h” PA is 10 days old, Chris said that he should be able to go straight to an 8 gage no problems, so off to Amazon and I ordered an 8 and a 6 hoop barbell.  The 8 came today and from what W/we read, stretching can be very painful “and” you should wait to stretch until fully healed, about 6 weeks, then wait an additional 6 weeks.  Not my boy, he hops in the tub, soaks in very warm water for a bit, lubes the end of the 8 with neosporin and, low and behold, it slipped right through no issue.  The 6 is not here yet, probably wait a week and try the 6 next.  All good here!

So Now What?

The Fancy Steel belt is rock solid, fits him like a glove is an understatement!  The one issue is still Southern US weather is tough on “h”.  He will sweat through 3-6 t-shirts a day, but he does not have 3-6 FS CB’s.  What’s a girl to do?

So I did some more research and ended up back at  Chris, the owner, said a few years ago when we spoke, the only 100% escape proof CB has a PA to go along with it!  I found this, one of his newest creations for a guy with a PA;


After”h”  talked to Chris today W/we ordered this for “h” today because “h” was told to get a PA last week…and he did, Yippee!  He did really well, I figured he would pass out!  He got a 10G and will need to stretch to a 6G but since the new CB will not be available until Christmas this should be no issue.  Chris said this is 110% escape proof with the PA.  Only comes in Titanium, which is lighter than stainless steel, and 3 X’s stronger, “h” will be in permanent chastity finally!

Best part…ready?  This design is made so he can wear it and penetrate Me!  I cum, he does not, Perfect!

Can’t wait for the Holidays!

Ms. K

Been Busy

Sorry W/we have been off line so long, but lots been going on\

Summer has seen many visitors at O/our home so W/we have been short on posts.

Finally the Scold’s Bridal came in…and then it left, back to Australia for adjustments!

Yep that is it, in O/our toy box.  W/we were the lead customer for this beautiful device!  Keeps “h” very quiet too 🙂

Here are some pics, Jay, the owner of Fancy Steel sent us before he shipped it..

He’s Locked “Cock-ed” and No Where To Go

In a previous post I mentioned that the heat in the South makes wearing a belt CB a challenge, but “h” has been tinkering with his Fancy Steel.  He has been experimenting with how tight he wears the CB.  His CB has 4 holes on each end of the waist band that adjusts the waist band tightness.  Initially he had the 4th hole of each end on the locking plate pin.  It was sooo tight that he had to lie on the bed and struggle to get both ends on the pin.  Once he did accomplish this he could only get the lock to snap closed if he used pliers to squeeze the hasp into the body of the lock.  He was “uber” secure but everything was sooo tight on him that there was no “give” between his body and the CB, they were one.  IN theory this, I suppose, is the ideal situation, but in reality it is not practical, resulting in chaffing and pain about the waist.

After experimenting with different waist band tightness’s he has found the waist band hole 2 x 2 is the best combination of comfort while maintaining his cock is secured from his ability to play with himself.  AND the bonus is he is able to wear it in the 80 F degree weather and humidity 24/7.  So I have him now, 3 days into the experiment, to see how long I can keep him locked.  I am letting him out once a day to shower and shave, but then, right back into his penis prison…hehe!.

If you are wondering what is up with the Scold’s Bridal project, we are waiting on Fancy Steel to send us some sketches.  Last week Jay said he was working on some ideas he had, so stay tuned on that note.

In the meantime, I think I am going to make “h” hard and then leave him to mope around the house!


Ms. K