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Fancy Steel Update

It’s been a week since “h” received the new shorter tube.  His experience is that he can comfortably walk, sit and lay down but sleeping is an issue because he knows the belt is present and it keeps him awake.  I have been letting him sleep out of the belt for now anyways, so that he gets some rest.  The first few days I kept him locked all night and he was a zombie the next day so I decided it was best to leave him out at night, besides he is right next to Me so I know where he is..hehe!  He gets up locks up and goes for his morning walk and about his business.

What W/we have come to discover is that the chaffing issues are lessened if the belt is tight around the waist and through the crotch.  The looser the belt is on him the more movement he finds happens between his body and the belt that results in chaffing.   I like tighter~!  Tighter is better in My book so he is on the tightest adjustment hole around the waist band.  He says in spite of that the belt is still vey comfortable.

More to come!


Fancy Steel Got It Right

The new shorter tube arrived yesterday and “h” got right to work changing the tubes out.  The beauty of this design is that it is infinitely adjustable since all the pieces slide on two stainless steel cables from front to back.  The first tube, used with Fancy Steel’s high waist design is 150 mm long but since “h” belt sits on his hips the lock clasp is about 3 inches lower than ones shown on their web site.  As mentioned previously this tube wrapped around between his legs and the end of it was pointing behind him.  The new tube is 80 mm long and is PERFECT~!  He can sit, pee standing and the anal opening, we got the 30 mm one, now is properly in line with his butt hole all because of this simple, yet elegant design where all the components slide on the cable and can be clamped using a set screw, any where along the cable lenght20150509_225242 20150510_065924 20150510_065948 20150510_071623 20150510_071831 20150510_071841 20150510_071919.

Thank you Jay for an excellent job, W/we are extremely happy and will recommend your products to anyone looking for quality and customer service.

Ms. K

“h” and his feminie side

he has always had a thing for women’s shoes and bras.  Now “h” in heels and a bra is not My thing but I do allow him to dapple in that area around the house, but as for going out in the community, I am not there just yet.  But as he puts it, I add validity as to why his chest size is so large.  he wants to be a C cup but in reality he looks better in a B, it looks plausible 🙂

20150325_142033 20150325_142043 20150326_055853 20150328_084223 20150328_084231 20150328_192709 Although I do think he does a nice job of pulling off the leather booties!


It Has Arrived!

O/our new CB from Fancy Steel arrived today for “h” to wear, it truly is a work of art.  “h” is three days into the new belt, and like anything new, there are adjustments to be made.  “h”-‘s belt is a hip design, and this is the first time Jay from Fancy Steel has made a hip style belt, all of his products thus far have been belts that sit higher on the waist across the belly button…

male01_grande This is a picture from the web site, not My “h”, W/we are a bit older and gravity has had an effect.  “h” could not wear this belt because if he were to suck in his tummy it would just fall to the floor~! LOL!!  So Jay agreed to take a shot at a hip style and here it is…

20150422_15401820150422_15404420150422_15405220150424_091243 “h: has slept all night without any discomfort.  The issue he is having is that the penis tube is designed for the waist height belt but because his waist band sits about 3 inches below the belly button, the penis tube being the length it is, wraps around under him to his anus and chaffs on his thighs.  As “h” puts it, i feel like i have a large steel banana between my legs all the time chaffing me.  So W/we have discussed this with Jay at Fancy Steel and he has produced a smaller tube for another customer that he believes will solve the issue…IMG_9466 copyIMG_9467 copy So W/we are just waiting on this new tube which is half the length and should not wrap up under “h”, thus solving the chaffing issue.  Otherwise the CB is an art form for sure, the amount of adjustability is fantastic because all the components slide along two cables and can be anchored at an infinite number of positions with locking screws.  “h” has been on his morning walks locked up, he went to an appointment with me yesterday, the grocery store, etc., and one could never tell he is in a CB.  Because of the chaffing, I have agreed that when he is out working in the yard (it is getting warm down here now) that he will be out of the CB because the sweat and heat makes the chaffing even worse.  Otherwise when the work is done, the belt goes back on…20150425_165628 So there it is hanging on the door next to the shower just waiting for him to step back into his forever home!  I hope, hope, hope the shorter penis tube solves the issue.  Jay says fabrication will be 5 days then shipping from Australia to Texas, so probably two to three weeks before the new tube arrives, I will let everyone know how this works out.  In the meantime W/we cannot say enough great things about working with Jay at Fancy Steel.  He has figured out that success is tied to customer service.  Thanks Jay!

“h” and his Claustrophobia!

Years ago I could bind “h” in any way shape or form I pleased and then walk away for an hour and never hear a peep from him.  Several years ago, for no explainable reason he developed claustrophobia quite badly that resulted in pretty bad panic attacks if I was away for just several minutes.  So long as he could hear Me he was fine, but if he thought for a second I had left and abandoned him he would come unglued, which isn’t a good thing for O/our type of relationship, because sometimes he needs to be left along, restrained and reflect.

W/we have discussed this and have started to try and reduce his anxiety with short training sessions, usually in the mid afternoon and after I bath in the evening.  What I will do is restrain him on the discipline ottoman in leather cuffs and always a gag of some sort.  He likes the penis muzzle so I have been strapping him into that quite frequently.  The other day I restrained him as such, took a bath and when I got out I spoke to him, told him I was leaving the room but I would be near by and check on him frequently, but randomly so there would be no pattern he could count on.  I told him he would be like this for one hour and then I would let him out.  There was to be no corporal punishment, just himself along to work through the fear.

I rubbed his back and walked away, visiting him several times, talking to him and assuring him I love him and I would never leave him in harms way.  I was happy to say he did not have one panic attack.  That is progress!



Training Day

“h” has been pretty good lately but even so periodically he needs a refresher course in his submission to Me, so today it was a beautiful morning so I had him in leather cuffs, a muzzle with a penis gag, blindfolded, foam hear plugs and hearing protectors.  I had some chores that needed to be done in the stable so I put him the cross ties and spread eagled his feet apart with a pair of chains I have out there.

This is My creation~!

20150413_110847A little blurry, sorry.


And a close up…

20150413_112207It actually looks worse in r/l, he was floating so I took the liberty of whipping him hard.  The whole ordeal made Me so wet I unlocked his ankles and backed up to him and made Myself an orgasm doggie style.  He is still levitating somewhere in the house…hehehe~


On Another Note…..

20150403_214829“h” really pissed Me off today with a smart ass comment.  I dropped what I was doing to put a hood on him and cuffs.  W/we have a special ottoman used for his punishment.  I locked him to it and used a 39″ dressage whip on his ass and balls.


Problem solved for today!



Well Good News~!

“h” new full steel belt is on order and on the way!  W/we placed an order with Fancy Steel around March 9th and I must tell you, Jay the owner, is an excellent communicator.  He has kept U/us informed as to the progress and anticipated shipping. Crossing My fingers the measurements are correct.  W/we took lots of pictures with a seamstress tape around various portions of “h” and sent them off to Fancy Steel.  Normally their belts cross over the navel, which is fine is the young kids, but as we age the middle gets bigger and so with little effort sucking in makes any “naval” configured belt drop to the floor.  Jay however has been a rock star so far, see below:





“h”s new full Stainless belt just waiting to be polished and lined with neoprene.  They fabricated it so it sits low on his waist and won’t drop despite the tummy flexing.

So stay tuned, should be here in a couple weeks!


So I Decided…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the CB2000 style “CB’s” are not escape proof.  I have been researching full belts to put “h” into.  There are lots of bad press on My-Steel and Neosteel seems to not be scoring high marks lately.  I found a new belt that came to market late last year, Fancy Steel.  After many conversations with the owner I feel W/we have a reputable company who will deliver a quality product at a fair price.  Based in Australia, Fancy Steel seems to be focused on the customer, and customer satisfaction.  W/we ordered “h” his new full belt two days ago.  Hope to see it within a month, so stay tuned!  In the meantime he is back in his silicon cage for now…without lube it is escape proof!


Ok So I Tried Once Again

“h”is thick skinned.  Today I decided it was time to discipline him for his last Houdini escape from his CB.  I gaged him and placed him in the IMG_3727deprivation hood:

I laid him over our leather ottoman and locked his wrist cuffs to the legs and locked his leather cuffed ankles together, then I bound them to the other end of  the ottoman.  I lashed his waist in the middle about the ottoman so he could not wiggle.  Then over the next hour I used two of My favorite canes on his butt and this was the result;


Still not what I was hoping for “butt” he is made of cow hide!  My wrist became tired so I decided to rest and call it a day.  I must say though the last 20 minutes he laid very still, I even asked him if he was awake!  He evidentially entered the “zone” and he was floating on his endorphin high.  I barely got a “thumbs up” when I asked him if he wanted more.  I caned him very hard yet no blood.  I love “h”, he did good today, W/we will try again another day!