The Hiatus Is Over

W/we are soooo sorry W/we have been off the grid for 2 1/2 years…Yikes! Life sometimes gets in the way, as has been the case. The good news is all of the kids are GONE! h and I are finding reconnecting to be an incredible joy. So as W/we have begun playing once again, the hiatus has made everything so new to the both of U/us. Even the simplest game, I played today with him. he was locked in his chastity cage about 5 days ago, that’s when W/we started to “click” again. Today he was nagging Me about triviality and I had heard enough so I went and pulled out the stainless steel wrist shackles. he began to protest as I told him W/we were heading to the barn, where I intended to put him in My crossties for the balance of the day (see earlier post, he wasn’t a fan of the cane back then either). I told him I intended to cane his ass and then leave him tied up until dinner. Grovel, grovel…so I said, “OK, you bother me again I put one shackle on you, bother Me a second time, I put the other one on you. Bother Me a third time W/we go out to the barn for your caning.” No sooner than do I stop talking grovel, grovel…”click”. Five minutes later the same thing! Well it is later in the afternoon here and he has avoided the cross ties. he has a couple more hours to be a good boi. So I sent him out to rack leaves in one of My pastures.

Click Clack like the piggy he is 😦

So W/we are easing back into things but sadly, as h said years ago, this lifestyle (less chastity play) is for the youngsters~

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