Merry Christmas 2017!

I have been very naughty!  I have been a bad girl and not kept up with our blog too well.  My apologies lots has been happening in our personal life that took priority.  But here we are still doing well and “h” has a new CB from Steelwerksextreme in Montreal, Que.

A few months back we had inquired to Chris Miers, owner of Steelwerksextreme, about a side project to see if he was interested, one thing lead to another and he showed me the latest in his line of minimalist CB’s, the Crucible 2.0.  All I can say is “had to have it”. Off to the races, so to speak, we went.  This project is anything but speedy.  Getting the correct size and location for the PA was really important, everything Chris makes is handmade, one off custom.  The fit to “h” is perfect, and the only way to get that perfect fit was to have him sized.  Chris provided us 2, 3-D plastic models of the 2.0.  He has made a variety of sizes which he sends to the client in advance of actually cutting the titanium for the real piece.  “h” tried each piece on for a few days and decided between the two which was a better fit.  I think this part of the process moved a bit faster because Chris had made us a Schandmaske a year prior and Chris had retained all the size information for “h”, so honing things in went a bit more quick than someone who has never had a SWE piece made.

The Crucible 2.0 is about as long as the Schandmaske but weighs not even 1/2 the weight of the Schandmaske.  Wearing the Schandmaske “h” would say after a few days that he had a discomfort due to what was a tugging on his PA, I assume from the weight.  We can say now that is no issue at all.  He said it is like a “second skin” and says you don’t even know you are wearing it.

The biggest advantage to the 2.0 is that the 2.0 is anatomically correct as you can see in the picture below.  It is ascetically pleasing to look at and is functional as well!  Chris has asked us to have sex with “h” in the 2.0 but I was a little reluctant until this morning and threw caution to the wind.  When we woke up I played with him until he was aching for sex.  Keeping it simple, as for not sure how this was going to work out, I had him mount me missionary style.  I eased him in me because he could feel nothing.  Well, well! This is a might fine feature!  I had an explosive orgasm, the 2.0 making “h” slightly larger all the way around making me feel more filled.  It was spectacular to say the least.  “h” on the other hand was properly denied and was ready to continue for more, but he will have to wait 😉 a loooonnnngggg time…hehehe!

We love Steel Werks Extreme….worth every penny, the only 1000% escape proof device on the market!

Ms. K


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2017!

  1. helga

    I’m very curious about the crucible. Could you please comment on security? [In particular I don’t refer to escape proof, but to orgasm proof. Does the CB really prohibit to cum?].


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