Well I Let him Have An “O”

After over two months being locked up I let “h” out and rode him, it felt so nice too, I needed that, but now he is locked back up again.  Our anniversary is in March…Hmm?  Maybe, we will see!

Ms. K

1 thought on “Well I Let him Have An “O”

  1. marckl

    Thanks for letting me explore your blog!
    I have several ball-trap devices (from China and a Holy Trainer 2 from Switzerland) and a really gorgeous Latowski belt that I only wear on special occasions, like a fetish party or … to the beach!
    I’ve heard about Steelwerks, but didn’t know about their minimalistic devices, like your Schandmaske. I do have a PA-hole, but it has migrated so I’m afraid to use it. Instead I have an ampallang and low and behold, Steelwerks has a minimalistic device for that kind of piercing as well – the Galea! Hmmmmm… 🙂


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