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Well Well Wee Wee

“h” has still been locked since his Steelwerksextrereme Shandmaske arrived December 2nd, W/we are approaching 2 months of continuous forced chastity.  He has no issues with any daily functions; walking, running, or climbing a fence even.  He has no issues sleeping or the nocturnal erection pain most other devices cause.  The only issue, since is he is not using the urethral tube accessory, when he pees it tends to make a mess since it goes all over.  The urethral tube option may be coming into play here soon.

His craze for an orgasm seems to be subsiding, he has accepted his fate that I now control his cock and will allow him an orgasm when I decide it is time, and it’s not time yet.  I have inspected him on four different occasions and his PA is perfect, there is no tenderness, no swelling, no edema.   This CB is sooo perfect I am now convinced I can leave him locked continually forever if need be.

I have no intention to let him have an orgasm any time soon…;-)


Happy New Year-Ya’ll!

Happy New Year!  On December 17th I gave you an update on “h”‘s new journey with him being locked in his Steelwerksextreme chastity device.  He went into full time enforced chastity by Me on December 3rd.  Now one month and a day later I have continued to deny “h” an orgasm.  I have let him out 3 times to do a thorough cleaning and inspect his PA.  His PA is doing very well, fully healed, he gaged up to a 4ga from a 10g, which was the original piercing size.  Right now I have no plans on letting him cum, I said in My last update that I would let him have one on January 14th, but I am not sure about that either just yet.  he is very horney though…Hehehehe!!!!