Monthly Archives: December 2016

It’s Driving him Mad!

h is now two weeks in his new Steelwerksextreme CB.  It is 1000% escape proof because it is connected to his”weewee” though his 4 gage PA.  I have let him out twice since he was initially locked for inspections and clean up.  I see no issues with longer term wear.  Not having had an “O” in two weeks has his mind fixated on Me, as it should be, W/we are now finally getting somewhere with this whole FLR, enforced chastity concept because of Steelwerksextreme.  Up until now nothing I had him locked in was either long-term or escape proof, but AH HA, that is no longer the case, I have his little brain and the cranial brain, right where I want them.  So in his effort to try and get some relief, he’s been going at this from another direction, that being his anus.  He is bound and determined to use his prostate as another avenue to get his relief, see the picture below of his arsenal of missiles he has been using, systematically increasing in girth…he’s so funny to watch and so far he’s failed!   Hehehe.  In the meantime I told him that his next time out of his CB will be January 14th, that will be a full month, and a total of six weeks without the “O”.

Stay tuned, I am loving the attention!


A Christmas Present for Me

“h” ordered Me a pendant from Steelwerksextreme that has 4 sapphires and hangs as a necklace.  Unscrew the two pieces and the Steelwerksextreme signature “S” key is concealed inside!  Chris thank you sooo much it is beautiful, can’t wait to wear it out and be asked about My new piece of jewelry.  More fun will be watching the expression on their faces as I explain it!


Schandmaske is here!

“h”‘s new Steelwerksextreme Shandmaske arrived today, he looks oh so very lovely in it.  Took a bit to figure out the pieces but he is locked nicely away and I have both of the proprietary keys (see key pic below) 20161202_113544_resizedthat came with the device.  Once he was locked away I gave him 2 different vibrators and made him try to get himself off, and guess what, to My surprise , he is unable to cum!  Chris is a genius, I now have My hubby’s jewels nicely locked away, was worth the weight and the price!  Getting him pierced was the best decision I ever made.