Update on the Steelwerksextreme CB

So “h” paid for the new CB I want him locked in, and during the course of the conversation he mentions to Chris, the owner, “h” PA is a 10 gage.  To which Chris responded, “you better start stretching because you will need to be a 6 gage for this device! Opps.

“h” PA is 10 days old, Chris said that he should be able to go straight to an 8 gage no problems, so off to Amazon and I ordered an 8 and a 6 hoop barbell.  The 8 came today and from what W/we read, stretching can be very painful “and” you should wait to stretch until fully healed, about 6 weeks, then wait an additional 6 weeks.  Not my boy, he hops in the tub, soaks in very warm water for a bit, lubes the end of the 8 with neosporin and, low and behold, it slipped right through no issue.  The 6 is not here yet, probably wait a week and try the 6 next.  All good here!

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