So Now What?

The Fancy Steel belt is rock solid, fits him like a glove is an understatement!  The one issue is still Southern US weather is tough on “h”.  He will sweat through 3-6 t-shirts a day, but he does not have 3-6 FS CB’s.  What’s a girl to do?

So I did some more research and ended up back at  Chris, the owner, said a few years ago when we spoke, the only 100% escape proof CB has a PA to go along with it!  I found this, one of his newest creations for a guy with a PA;


After”h”  talked to Chris today W/we ordered this for “h” today because “h” was told to get a PA last week…and he did, Yippee!  He did really well, I figured he would pass out!  He got a 10G and will need to stretch to a 6G but since the new CB will not be available until Christmas this should be no issue.  Chris said this is 110% escape proof with the PA.  Only comes in Titanium, which is lighter than stainless steel, and 3 X’s stronger, “h” will be in permanent chastity finally!

Best part…ready?  This design is made so he can wear it and penetrate Me!  I cum, he does not, Perfect!

Can’t wait for the Holidays!

Ms. K

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