Monthly Archives: March 2016

The New Toy

So h, the curious Gemini that he is, has been researching a new toy called a Scold’s Bridal, a mid evil device used primarily to punish a woman who gossiped, among other reasons.  He discovered one someone on the internet posted that is home made. So he contacted Fancy Steel about having them fabricate their version of the device.  He has not seen a sketch as yet but Jay at FS has taken on the project so are shall see!  I do like the idea, when he gets mouthy I have a way to teach him not to talk back to Me….hehehe.  I have attached a picture of the one he found, not what is coming, just an example to give ya’ll an idea of what it is.

More to follow!



Weather Has Been Great!

“h” is back in his belt mostly full time, the weather has been excellent, low humidity and mild temperatures.  Life has been pretty mundane besides that.  Next week will be O/our 10th anniversary and W/we are heading off to New York, where W/we met to relive part of our past and see some old friends.  W/we are an average couple with a few unique twists!