Fancy Steel Update

It’s been a week since “h” received the new shorter tube.  His experience is that he can comfortably walk, sit and lay down but sleeping is an issue because he knows the belt is present and it keeps him awake.  I have been letting him sleep out of the belt for now anyways, so that he gets some rest.  The first few days I kept him locked all night and he was a zombie the next day so I decided it was best to leave him out at night, besides he is right next to Me so I know where he is..hehe!  He gets up locks up and goes for his morning walk and about his business.

What W/we have come to discover is that the chaffing issues are lessened if the belt is tight around the waist and through the crotch.  The looser the belt is on him the more movement he finds happens between his body and the belt that results in chaffing.   I like tighter~!  Tighter is better in My book so he is on the tightest adjustment hole around the waist band.  He says in spite of that the belt is still vey comfortable.

More to come!


2 thoughts on “Fancy Steel Update

  1. hijk


    Are you still using the Fancy Steel belt? Your blog is the closest I’ve found to anyone using/reviewing Fancy Steel’s male belts and I’m curious as to how you’ve found it as a long-term device.

    1. sherylandharry

      Sorry for the long delay, but yes he is still locked in it, but in the heat of the summer down South the practicality of long term really isn’t feasible. Once the temperatures drop then long term is attainable.


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