Fancy Steel Got It Right

The new shorter tube arrived yesterday and “h” got right to work changing the tubes out.  The beauty of this design is that it is infinitely adjustable since all the pieces slide on two stainless steel cables from front to back.  The first tube, used with Fancy Steel’s high waist design is 150 mm long but since “h” belt sits on his hips the lock clasp is about 3 inches lower than ones shown on their web site.  As mentioned previously this tube wrapped around between his legs and the end of it was pointing behind him.  The new tube is 80 mm long and is PERFECT~!  He can sit, pee standing and the anal opening, we got the 30 mm one, now is properly in line with his butt hole all because of this simple, yet elegant design where all the components slide on the cable and can be clamped using a set screw, any where along the cable lenght20150509_225242 20150510_065924 20150510_065948 20150510_071623 20150510_071831 20150510_071841 20150510_071919.

Thank you Jay for an excellent job, W/we are extremely happy and will recommend your products to anyone looking for quality and customer service.

Ms. K

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