It Has Arrived!

O/our new CB from Fancy Steel arrived today for “h” to wear, it truly is a work of art.  “h” is three days into the new belt, and like anything new, there are adjustments to be made.  “h”-‘s belt is a hip design, and this is the first time Jay from Fancy Steel has made a hip style belt, all of his products thus far have been belts that sit higher on the waist across the belly button…

male01_grande This is a picture from the web site, not My “h”, W/we are a bit older and gravity has had an effect.  “h” could not wear this belt because if he were to suck in his tummy it would just fall to the floor~! LOL!!  So Jay agreed to take a shot at a hip style and here it is…

20150422_15401820150422_15404420150422_15405220150424_091243 “h: has slept all night without any discomfort.  The issue he is having is that the penis tube is designed for the waist height belt but because his waist band sits about 3 inches below the belly button, the penis tube being the length it is, wraps around under him to his anus and chaffs on his thighs.  As “h” puts it, i feel like i have a large steel banana between my legs all the time chaffing me.  So W/we have discussed this with Jay at Fancy Steel and he has produced a smaller tube for another customer that he believes will solve the issue…IMG_9466 copyIMG_9467 copy So W/we are just waiting on this new tube which is half the length and should not wrap up under “h”, thus solving the chaffing issue.  Otherwise the CB is an art form for sure, the amount of adjustability is fantastic because all the components slide along two cables and can be anchored at an infinite number of positions with locking screws.  “h” has been on his morning walks locked up, he went to an appointment with me yesterday, the grocery store, etc., and one could never tell he is in a CB.  Because of the chaffing, I have agreed that when he is out working in the yard (it is getting warm down here now) that he will be out of the CB because the sweat and heat makes the chaffing even worse.  Otherwise when the work is done, the belt goes back on…20150425_165628 So there it is hanging on the door next to the shower just waiting for him to step back into his forever home!  I hope, hope, hope the shorter penis tube solves the issue.  Jay says fabrication will be 5 days then shipping from Australia to Texas, so probably two to three weeks before the new tube arrives, I will let everyone know how this works out.  In the meantime W/we cannot say enough great things about working with Jay at Fancy Steel.  He has figured out that success is tied to customer service.  Thanks Jay!

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