“h” and his Claustrophobia!

Years ago I could bind “h” in any way shape or form I pleased and then walk away for an hour and never hear a peep from him.  Several years ago, for no explainable reason he developed claustrophobia quite badly that resulted in pretty bad panic attacks if I was away for just several minutes.  So long as he could hear Me he was fine, but if he thought for a second I had left and abandoned him he would come unglued, which isn’t a good thing for O/our type of relationship, because sometimes he needs to be left along, restrained and reflect.

W/we have discussed this and have started to try and reduce his anxiety with short training sessions, usually in the mid afternoon and after I bath in the evening.  What I will do is restrain him on the discipline ottoman in leather cuffs and always a gag of some sort.  He likes the penis muzzle so I have been strapping him into that quite frequently.  The other day I restrained him as such, took a bath and when I got out I spoke to him, told him I was leaving the room but I would be near by and check on him frequently, but randomly so there would be no pattern he could count on.  I told him he would be like this for one hour and then I would let him out.  There was to be no corporal punishment, just himself along to work through the fear.

I rubbed his back and walked away, visiting him several times, talking to him and assuring him I love him and I would never leave him in harms way.  I was happy to say he did not have one panic attack.  That is progress!



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