Training Day

“h” has been pretty good lately but even so periodically he needs a refresher course in his submission to Me, so today it was a beautiful morning so I had him in leather cuffs, a muzzle with a penis gag, blindfolded, foam hear plugs and hearing protectors.  I had some chores that needed to be done in the stable so I put him the cross ties and spread eagled his feet apart with a pair of chains I have out there.

This is My creation~!

20150413_110847A little blurry, sorry.


And a close up…

20150413_112207It actually looks worse in r/l, he was floating so I took the liberty of whipping him hard.  The whole ordeal made Me so wet I unlocked his ankles and backed up to him and made Myself an orgasm doggie style.  He is still levitating somewhere in the house…hehehe~


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