Well Good News~!

“h” new full steel belt is on order and on the way!  W/we placed an order with Fancy Steel around March 9th and I must tell you, Jay the owner, is an excellent communicator.  He has kept U/us informed as to the progress and anticipated shipping. Crossing My fingers the measurements are correct.  W/we took lots of pictures with a seamstress tape around various portions of “h” and sent them off to Fancy Steel.  Normally their belts cross over the navel, which is fine is the young kids, but as we age the middle gets bigger and so with little effort sucking in makes any “naval” configured belt drop to the floor.  Jay however has been a rock star so far, see below:





“h”s new full Stainless belt just waiting to be polished and lined with neoprene.  They fabricated it so it sits low on his waist and won’t drop despite the tummy flexing.

So stay tuned, should be here in a couple weeks!


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