Ok So I Tried Once Again

“h”is thick skinned.  Today I decided it was time to discipline him for his last Houdini escape from his CB.  I gaged him and placed him in the IMG_3727deprivation hood:

I laid him over our leather ottoman and locked his wrist cuffs to the legs and locked his leather cuffed ankles together, then I bound them to the other end of  the ottoman.  I lashed his waist in the middle about the ottoman so he could not wiggle.  Then over the next hour I used two of My favorite canes on his butt and this was the result;


Still not what I was hoping for “butt” he is made of cow hide!  My wrist became tired so I decided to rest and call it a day.  I must say though the last 20 minutes he laid very still, I even asked him if he was awake!  He evidentially entered the “zone” and he was floating on his endorphin high.  I barely got a “thumbs up” when I asked him if he wanted more.  I caned him very hard yet no blood.  I love “h”, he did good today, W/we will try again another day!


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