W/we Are Still Alive!

I cannot believe it has been several years since I posted on here, WOW!  Like John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” and that has been O/our case here.  W/we moved from the north to the south a few years ago and this has caused an interruption in so many things, one of them that O/our D/s life had to slip down the list temporarily while W/we recovered form a huge upheaval in O/our world by moving.  Not that “h” was off the hook, or that W/we did not continue the journey, until now it’s just been at a much slower pace and he has remained locked all this time for sure.  But things are looking up and O/our new house, with all it’s issues and adjustments, plus a new way of life, has now become a home filled with love and many locks, padlocks that is for “h”!

I have kept “h” locked through out and along the way I have played with several other devices since his Steelworks from 2011.  I keep him locked mostly in the new silicon devices available.  It’s easier on him because it is flexible and moves with his body.  Also what I have come to determine that any of these devices, ala CB-2000 and the likes, are not escape proof given enough effort he can escape, and has on a couple occasions, which will be a topic for another post.  However, with these rigid devices, hard plastic or metal, they are very smooth and provide little friction between his penis and the tube, so given a little lubricant he can, and again he has, pulled his penis out from behind the ring against his body.  I thought the Steelworks with the urethral tube going into him, would preclude that from happening, but I was wrong, even that he could escape.  I have experimented with the silicon ones out there and  here is his,


What works best with this device is putting him in the smallest ring and use no lube to slide his little cock into the tube.  The friction is so great between him and the tube it is very difficult, nearly impossible, for him to escape, and if he does he will not be able to reinsert himself very easily. The only sure fire way to keep him in this type of a device however is having him get a PA and locking his head to the front of the tube.  I’m not to that point yet, because this process seems to working so far after several months but I plan to monitor him for the time and if there is still an escape issue then My next decision would have to be a PA or a Neosteel full belt, but as I mentioned, trying to insure the fit of a full stainless steel belt is correct is a huge concern of Mine give the logistics of live in the US and Neosteel being in Germany.  The PA is the easier fix for Me..hehe!!!

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