My Loving Letter to “h”

My loving sub I adore you and want the best for you.  O/our relationship is built on mutual respect for each other.  you and I have agreed that My role is to be the leader in the home, you will always be the man of the house with regard to the family but between you and I, W/we agree I am in charge of you; what you do, how you act and every other facet of you.  W/we have agreed that I make decisions regarding the two of U/us and you will obey Me and My authority is absolute.  W/we have agreed that your disobedience comes with a price you will pay, I am; jury, judge and the executioner of your punishment.

In that regard I have been remise of My duties to follow through and punish you properly, that is solely My fault and why you continue to falter.  So here is My plan, for My benefit, so that the Wife in Me does not succumb to your complaints during punishment.

Next time you will be in the crossties in O/our leather cuffs standing spread eagle in O/our barn…

Crosstie 1 Crosstie 2

you will be gagged…vf891acloseup__77778_1409591587_1280_1280

And then a sensory $_3deprivation hood over your head…

I will put in My MP3 earplugs and listen to music with noise cancelling headphones on as well…


This way I can’t look into your eyes and see your pain, and I can’t listen to your cries and hear your pain.  I will do what W/we agreed on when W/we entered into this journey.  I will get the results I need to correct your behavior…I will get this…


And I always Love you

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