“h” Stands For Houdini

In My last blog entry I was talking about the pros and cons of the CB2000 style CB’s and “h”s ability to escape several of these style devices that I have placed on his boi-toy over time and the resulting ramifications.

I have come to observe over time that “h” has, what I would term, “seasons” for lack of a better explanation.  Seasons being that during the Spring and Fall he enters a period where his sex drive is in hyperdrive and it’s during these periods when he gets in trouble the most, the rest of the year he is pretty docile and generally obedient.  Of course My response to his overtures for sexual release is to further ignore him and his whining and cries for release and sex.  This of course sends him over the edge and are the times when he plays Houdini in escaping his CB.  It’s also the times he receives his most frequent punishments for his transgressions against Me and My authority.  I have read many blogs and web sites about how some people term their submissive or slave as needing “training”.  I look at this notion differently. “h” is My husband and the love of My life first and foremost.  I cherish him and am protective of him always, just like a parent is of their child.  This is how I manage O/our relationship by correcting him when he is disobedient.  “h” is an adult, and in the general sense he knows the difference between right and wrong.  As well when I give him direction, My expectations of him are clear as how he is expected to respond.  If he decides not to follow My instructions he knows there will be consequences in the form of discipline punishment which I use to correct his behavior.  Simply it’s cause and effect.  I tell him what is expected and if he decides his response will be contrary to My orders he understands there will be consequences for his actions.

What I have found as My dilemma is the degree of discipline I end up administering to him versus what I planned to administer to him.  When “h” fails to obey Me I have to make a mental shift from being his Wife/Mistress to being his Disciplinarian/Mistress.  The discipline generally, but not always, will be administered within 24 hours and I don’t always tell him when it is coming, that is up to Me.  I have never had an issue switching into My disciplinarian role, it’s an easy transition for Me.  The problem is I go in with My expectation of the results of his punishment looking like this;

img12    FLRonthebench

and what I usual end up with is this;


Pretty pathetic results and it’s My fault.  The reason is every time that he is bound and I begin to whip or cane him, he cries out, even gaged I can hear him and Mistress/Wife battles the Mistress/Disciplinarian and Wife usually succumbs at some point.  The result is I failed to discipline him sufficiently and he gets off easy while this cycle repeats itself as he gets away with a punishment that did not fit the crime so he’s inclined to do this again the next time.

More in My next post of what I feel is a solution.

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