It’s Here!

My “h” new Steelworks CB arrived and it is a work of art!  His cock is so cute in its new home!

The urethral tube is a wonderful addition, going all the way to the base of the ring around his balls…

There he is all safe and secure.  W/we done some electro play with him locked up.  W/we own an PES elctro-stim unit.  I took the urethral insert (the slim piece in the center shown below)

And slide it down his urethral tube to his prostate.  The other electro lead I attached to one of the screws at the head of his CB…then I had an evening of fun.  Normally I can make him cum this way with the PES unit.  However having him in the CB and stimed in this manner provided for him only a ruined orgasm.  he came but no ejaculation.  I had so much fun W/we have done this several more times since!

Stay tuned!


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