Steelwerxx CB Flops!

Everything happens for a purpose.  We ordered a Steelwerxx Looker 2 for “h” several days ago.  The web site states they will confirm your order in 24 hours.  That was 4 days ago and still nothing.  “h” tried to write them twice and still no resonse…frustrating.

We have been looking for a long time at Steelworks in Montreal.  VERY pricey but they are the Maseradi of CB’s and we have been eyeing the CC069A

“h” put a call into Steelworks in Monreal and spoke at lenght to the owner Chris.  By the end of the conversation the two of them had “h” new CB designed and ordered!  Wow nice to have a person to speak to.  This CB is pricey but worth it, it’s the real deal and is escape proof.  Chris had lots of great ideas and pointed out design flaws in the Steelwerxx Looker 2, especially the ball welded on the end of the tube and the fact the tube extends into the body past the ring leaving the tube able to puncture the urethra, not good.

Chris said 4 weeks, can’t wait~!


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