Ok so a little more about U/us

We have been married 6 years, dated three years before.  I had never had any experience in the D/s life, for that matter I had no idea what it was, being 8 years the younger to my “h”.  “h” introduced me over time to the D/s world being quite worldly in a prior relationship.  I have read my fair share on the topic and it be told you either have it you don’t.  I was a fish taking to water in this new world that was blooming before me and I loved it.  Last year I had him tattooed with his SLRN number and barcode on his hip and above it “Property of MistressK”  He is sooo hot with his tat.

We started “h” journey in chastity with the CB2000.  For long term wear it was not, it pinched, broke, and on and on.  Anyone who has been in this arena knows what I am talking about. Neosteel was really something we wanted but logistically it’s seem quite difficult to make something so custom from Germany and hope it was correct for $1500.  We have not ruled it out but we still think  there are other options because really is a Neosteel wearable 24/7?

Then came the CB3000…Yea!  We shot over to the local shop in Cleveland who had one in stock and it was a fantastic improvement over the 2000.  The CB3000 has been our on again-off again chastity device since.  Again more issues and it’s not escape proof either.  Was not going to work.

“h” has pursude the idea of long term chastity but the equipment was the lacking component.  I wanted his cock locked up by me and eascape proof but it would not work if there was always issues with the device.  So we have looked high and low and done mounds or research and believe we have found  the solution, the Looker 2 from Steelwerxx. 

So it’s ordered and we await it’s arrival.  In the meantime we have been negotiating the contract for his one-year internment in chastity.  I know what you are thinking a year?  No frertting he will get out every 3-5 days to be cleaned and shaved, he will be milked no less than once every two weeks to keep his pipes clean.  As for his orgasms, sure he’ll get a couple when I want and how I want.  When we have the contract complete I may post it. Stay tuned…

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