Hello world!

W/we are a married D/s couple in the US, Domme Female and sub male who lives a chastity life style with him being locked 24/7.  W/we also are a Female Lead Relationship (FLR) where “h” is My husband, the love of My life who I cherish, but “h” is also My submissive 24/7 and is obedient to Me and My rules which he has agreed to live by.  Violation of the rules comes with consequences.  W/we are also Christians and have a strong faith, so as such W/we believe in the sanctity of marriage and marital fidelity.  W/we have never swapped and do not indulge in cuckolding and think that is in direct contradiction to the Christian faith.

W/we have dabbled in lots of things related to chastity besides D/s.  W/we are now changing him from a CB3000 to the Steelwerxx Looker 2, can’t wait for it to arrive!

Well this is our first post…we are new to this “blogging” thing so be patient with us.  But if you have any questions let U/us know and W/we will be happy to share our experiences.

Ms. K

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